Issue 98, 18 January 2018

Sharkawy & Sarhan Collaborated With AUC Team A2K4D in Creating the Legal Guide for the First-of-its-Kind “Solar Energy Data Platform” In Egypt

… A vision towards a better Future for Solar Energy in Egypt

• Sharkawy and Sarhan is proud to announce that it’s collaboration with Access to Knowledge For Development (A2K4D) team in creating the legal guide for the solar energy data platform that was successfully launched on the 15th of October 2017. 

• A2K4D at the American University in Cairo’s School of Business, is a regional center that was launched in 2010 as a long waited conclusion of collaborative research activities since 2007. Its main role includes academic scholarship, research and policy analysis on access to knowledge for development in Egypt, Africa and the Arab world.

• In addition to being an open data source for the energy sector, this online platform aims to unite all solar energy business in Egypt, acting as an open knowledge-sharing hub for all the industry value-chain, including distributers, installers, suppliers and clients. It allows companies to register directly on the platform. Whereas this information is featured on the website, creating a network of solar energy service providers. Thus, we believe this platform is openning the window to creating a one-stop shop for all parties involved in solar energy projects. In a rising solar energy environment such as Egypt, open data platforms and networks are much needed for a thriving market.

• Our partner Mohamed Nabil Hazzaa and Pro Bono Associate Nouran Gamal led the project, creating a comprehensive legal guide as part of the platform’s vision to cater for all aspects of the industry including legal aspect. This guide tackles issues related to license requirements, establishment procedures and even new incentives under the new investment law in Egypt.