We are always looking for talents. We only retain those who meet our standards and believe in our values. No exceptions… no compromises!

Our People: We recruit and retain highly talented calibers who genuinely believe in our vision and values, and who will put the necessary efforts to achieve our vision. A candidate’s connections, whether to people in the firm or outside the firm, will have zero influence on our decision to hire. We provide real growth opportunities and a clear career path to our people.

Expansion To ensure that we can expand while maintaining the values of our firm and the quality of our services, we expand mainly from within. We do this by giving our lawyers, as they walk through their career path, more responsibilities and promoting them to senior positions while recruiting new young lawyers.

Learning and Mentoring: We are committed to creating an environment throughout the firm in which people learn and grow both personally and professionally.

The firm has an ethos of transferring skills and experience from and to each Member of the firm. The Partners and senior lawyers pays particular attention to mentoring and training young lawyers.

Young lawyers will learn most and best by working alongside experienced lawyers, and by having direct client exposure.
We send our members to overseas training courses and, if available, to secondment programs with magic circle firms and international law firms.

Each member of the firm has a personal learning account, the funds for which are by way of a small deduction from monthly salaries and a rather larger contribution by the firm.

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