Issue 94,11 July 2017

Egypt Life Sciences – Medicinal Product Liability

• Sharkawy & Sarhan recently dedicated a new team with a focus on the healthcare and pharmaceutical business sector to capitalize on its solid expertise and knowledge and provide first class quality services. Sharkawy & Sarhan Life Sciences team published in June 2017 an article on “Medicinal Product Regulation and Product Liability in Egypt: overview”  in collaboration with Thomson Reuters as part of its Life Sciences Global Guide 2017/2018.


• The publication provides an overview on pharmaceutical business regulations in Egypt. Such overview covers key aspects that are important to know by stakeholders interested in the sector such as:
(i) registration of pharmaceutical products,
(ii) pricing and public funding of healthcare services,
(iii) clinical trials,
(iv) manufacturing,
(v) marketing and promotional programs,
(vi) parallel importation and
(vii) product liability.