Toka Hassan

Toka Hassan

Intranet Administrator
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About Toka

Toka has joined Sharkawy & Sarhan in 2017. Toka’s has 3 years working experience in Administrative fields.

Toka’s Experience

Toka’s experience includes:

Intranet Administrator

In her capacity as Intranet Administrator in Sharkawy and Sarhan Law Firm in Egypt, Toka is responsible for:

  • Monitor The intranet system including apply any changing in the back end settings.
  • Helping in automated all the forms inside the firm according to a process.
  • Helping in putting the work flow for all the issues in the firm.

Administrative Assistance

In her capacity as Admission Officer in the Canadian International College (CIC) in Egypt, Toka was responsible for:

  • Handling inquiries concerning admission rules and regulations via telephone, e-mails or face to face.
  • Ensuring that the section follows the CIC’s policies and the Ministry of Higher Education and the Canadian University the student is applying for.
  • Handling the acceptance procedures regarding the newcomer’s enrollment, application process, GPA calculations, and placement tests.
  • Receiving the acceptance letters from Canadian Universities and submitting them to the students.
  • Calculating the GPA for the students to ensure the scholarship eligibility, and for student’s acceptance.
  • Issuing a list with the new students and returning students eligible for scholarship.
  • Reviewing all the admission section forms submitted by students, following CIC procedures, informing students with feedback, and updating students’ status based on the feedback.
  • Preparing the registered students lists for all cohorts each semester.
  • Sending the registered students’ list of the new cohort students’ including their data and documents to the international division to get their memorandum of acceptance/initial acceptance and IDs from the Partner Canadian Universities.
  • Maintains statistical information of CIC Students in different majors and programs and keeping the information up to date.
  • Preparing full statistical reports concerning all data related to students applying at CIC for each academic year (applicants, registered, transfer, withdrew).
  • Entering the students’ data on the database/system and ensuring all admission information is available and correct.
  • Updating student’s information regularly.
  • Changing the students’ status on the system.
  • Issuing the student’s Enrollment letter, Graduation Certificates and Transcript.
  • Performing miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.


  • Assisting in building the E-petition system to be applied in the college.
  • Preparing statistics and reports regarding students.
  • Calculating the growth rate to determine the level of change the organization achieves.

Areas of Practice

  • Admin assistance
  • Intranet Software’s
  • Analysis

Courses and certificates

  • Certified by Cairo University as a Mini MBA holder


  • B.A. in Economics and Political Science, Statistics/Public Administration, Cairo University,2013


  • Arabic
  • English

Our Team

Toka Hassan

Toka Hassan

Intranet Administrator


Toka is our hard working, resourceful and persevering Intranet Administrator. She works in content management, IT, workflows, process management and other things that most of us do not really understand. She is a responsible and committed person who puts her heart in everything she does. She is always on the look out to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. She aspires to be great at her job and as a mother, raising her son to be the best possible.