More State Control in the Telecom Industry


The Minister of Telecommunication issued a new decision (464/2015) that widens the competencies of the National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority “NTRA” vis-a vis telecom companies.


The decision introduces new violations that were not penalized in the Telecom Law 10/2003, for example:

(i) Change of control without NTRA’s approval.

(ii) Offering services with low quality or not responding to NTRA’s decision regarding consumers’ complaints.

(iii) Suspending the service.

New penalties introduced by the decision include:

(i) Suspending the service’s license for a defined period.

(ii) Prohibiting the licensed company from introducing promotional offers for a defined period.

(iii) Depriving the licensed company from altering its service fee for a defined period.

(iv) Deduction from the security deposit submitted by the licensed company.

The penalties may be imposed by NTRA after the satisfaction of internal procedures investigating the violation, without recourse to courts to finalize the penalty.  According to the decision, NTRA may carry out administrative seizure on the violating company to claim the penalties it imposes.

Companies governed by this decision are:

(i) Companies establishing, operating telecommunication networks and providing telecommunication services, including companies working in Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) ,

(ii) Companies that import or manufacture or possess telecommunications equipment.

(iii) Companies using frequency spectrum and possessing or installing wireless equipment.

Please click here if you want to have a look at the text of the decision.

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