Our vision is to establish a law office which, as an institution, is client facing and exemplifies ethics, excellence, equality and energy.

Our vision of being an ethical office is to be lived out not solely in the absence of negatives – such as not cheating, stealing or lying. Undoubtedly we are looking for absolute scrupulousness in all these areas. However, we also see morality as the presence of positives, and in particular a willingness to be accountable to clients, staff and stakeholders to behave in a consistently decent, truthful and generous manner.

Our desire for excellence is a commitment to the hard work and high level of internal organization which can bring a uniform quality of work for all clients. We understand that clients are frequently frustrated by unevenness in the quality of legal work performed for them and we are seeking to do all we can to avoid this frustration.


One practical example of our core value of equality is the right, subject only to the constraints of our client confidentiality obligations, for all staff to ask for any information about the office and its accounts, and to suggest improvements in any aspect of the way in which the office is led or managed.

What we stand for

Sharkawy & Sarhan was born out of its founders’ mutual desire to be values based.
As a young entity, we have the freedom to direct the development of the firm without being overly confined by any particular history.

We have therefore drafted a brief constitution which attempts to set out as clearly as we can the values which drive us. By applying this constitution, we set out here a glimpse of what we stand for.

Client facing. We will be genuinely driven by the needs of our clients We will do this by resisting the temptation to grow too quickly and placing a special emphasis on producing quality work.

Loyalty. between partners and towards all staff. It is apparent that many professional partnerships founder on internecine strife between the partners. While we doubtless will have the same difficulties restraining our individual egos as anyone else, we will prioritize the relationship between the partners as the foundation of the whole enterprise.

Generosity. in dealing with all our stake holders, so we will pay well and share profits with all staff, and readily write off or discount bills if we believe for any reason a client has not received value for money.

Mentoring. i.e. we will create an environment throughout the firm in which people not only learn but are nurtured. We perceive a strong – and largely unmet – drive for growth, both personally and professionally, and we will focus on meeting such drive.

Integrity. We will not act where there is a conflict of interest and will not assist in any dishonest action, whether or not lawful.

Assessment and evaluation. Socrates said that a life that is not reflected on is not worth living. In similar vein, progress towards implementing our goal through our strategy will be constantly assessed and, following implementation, candidly evaluated (wherever possible by our clients).