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Masters in Private law and Judicial Sciences, Faculty of Law, Cairo University (graduated as the highest-ranking Masters’ candidate, class 2014).

LLB, Faculty of Law, English Section, Cairo University (with distinguished honors as the 3rd highest-ranking LLB candidate in the English Section, class 2012).


Ibrahim’s practice focuses on Energy Sector, Pharmaceuticals Sector, M&As, and general commercial. He also has experience in arbitration, civil litigation, general corporate and labour law issues. He joined Sharkawy & Sarhan in 2014.

Prior to joining Sharkawy & Sarhan, Ibrahim worked at Ibrachy & Dermarkar Law Firm between 2013 & 2014, where he advised various clients in the Pharmaceuticals Sector, as well as on general commercial, corporate and employment matters.

Between 2012 and 2013, Ibrahim worked in Nour Shehata Law Office as a junior associate, where he assisted in several arbitration cases, civil and commercial disputes by conducting legal research, reviewing documents, and drafting legal memoranda.

Ibrahim’s experience includes:

Energy Sector and EPC: 

  • Advising a number of qualified developers and financial institutions under the Egyptian Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) program for wind and solar projects. Our work included preparing extensive legal study on the FiT program regulatory framework and implementation and assistance to developers in SPV incorporation, land availment, application for interim power generation license, issuing security bonds to the government, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Operation and Maintenance (O&M), and Project Management for wind and solar projects.
  • Preparing several extensive reports on the Egyptian FiT programs for renewable energy in Egypt to Grupo COBRA, Solairedirect, and a leading regional clean energy firm. The reports included analysis of the FiT programs, a map of actions and permits required to ensure the project is successful, and a comprehensive summary of all legal and regulatory aspects pertaining to such projects.
  • Advising a major Chinese power corporation on the nuclear regime in Egypt. Our work included preparing an extensive report on the legal framework of implementing Nuclear Power Projects on Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis.
  • Preparing comprehensive report for Shanghai Electric on the legal framework of implementing power projects on Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis. Our report included overview of Egyptian foreign investment regulations, public procurement, market admittance for construction contractors and implementation of power projects in Egypt.
  • Preparing comprehensive report for Wade Adams on the legal and regulatory framework of carrying out construction works in Egypt, emphasizing the requirements for market admittance for foreign construction contractors to the Egyptian Constructors’ Union (CU) and any exemptions thereto, the various grades and specializations under the CU, and the available corporate schemes for CU registration.

Pharmaceuticals & Health Sector:

  • Advising a number of pharmaceutical multinational companies (Amgen, a major Japanese pharmaceutical company, and a major Danish pharmaceutical company) on the framework of marketing authorizations for pharmaceutical products in Egypt in terms of the applicant for such authorization, the legal and regulatory mechanism of obtaining or holding the marketing authorization in Egypt, and the legal and regulatory mechanism of importing pharmaceutical products into Egypt. In addition, to advising on the framework of carrying out marketing activities for pharmaceutical products into Egypt, and carrying out the required procedures to incorporate an Egyptian Subsidiary to carry out marketing activities for Amgen imported pharmaceutical products in Egypt.
  • Advising a major Moroccan client on the legal and regulatory framework for the establishment of medical institutions, and conducting business in Egypt through its Egyptian subsidiaries.
  • Advising a major financial institution on the legal framework and the risks associated with the acquisition of pharmacy chains under the Egyptian Legal System
  • Advising a major Swiss pharmaceutical client with regard to the legal and regulatory framework of Toll manufacturing pharmaceutical companies in Egypt.
  • Advising a major Dutch pharmaceutical company on the required procedures to liquidate its Egyptian subsidiaries and sell its pharmaceutical factory in Egypt.

M&As and Group Restructuring :

  • Advising Kintetsu World Express, Inc. on the $1.2 Billion acquisition of APL Logistics Egypt. Our work included conducting a due diligence over the Egyptian Subsidiary of Target Company in Singapore and advising on the legal regime governing business in Egypt.
  • Advising a major global financial services company on its bid to acquire an Egyptian financial services company. Our work included conducting a full due diligence on the target, advising on all regulatory aspects and negotiating the transaction documents.
  • Advising on the transfer of quotas of Schick Egypt, while advising on all legal aspects, drafting the relevant quota transfer agreements and effecting such transfer before the concerned authorities as part of the group restructuring of Energizer subsidiaries in Egypt.

Concessions, PPPs and Public Tenders

  • Advising Rapiscan, the world’s leading security screening provider and manufacturer of X-ray scanning devices on its USD 80mn contract with the Egyptian Customs Authority for the provision, installation, and maintenance of X-ray scanning devices to be installed at all customs sites in Egypt.
  • Advising the World Bank on the Egyptian public procurement regime and conducting a detailed study on the Egyptian Tender and Bids Law.
  • Advising a major Austrian company on its contract for Construction and Implementation of a River Information Services (RIS) System For the Navigable Waterway From Aswan To Delta Barrage as a Turn Key Project, and all legal complications arising out of the execution of such contract.

General Commercial and Corporate:

  • Advising a major American multinational company upon the commercial lease of one of the most successful coffee shop chains in the history of the Middle East and North Africa Region. My work included advising on all legal aspects of the commercial lease agreement and drafting all the transaction documents.
  • Advising a major German Automobile company on the legal complications associated with importing and customs clearance for its vehicles into Egypt, and the criminal liability associated with such activities.
  • Advising a major American multinational company on the application of anti-bribery laws with regard to its contracts with the Egyptian governmental agencies and the criminal liability related thereto.
  • Advising various clients upon the legal scheme of commercial agency, distribution, importation, exportation, and E-commerce activities in Egypt.
  • Advising various clients, including EFG Hermes, Tesco, Dubizzle Egypt, OLX Egypt, Huntsman, Amgen, Energizer, RWE, Travelport, Solairedirecte, Grupo Cobra, Lessaffre, Norgine, Nomac, BG, Deutshe Bank, Exterran, Fairfax, and Accenture on various general commercial, corporate, capital market and family law issues.


  • Preparing an annual employment guide for Google, advising on various legal aspects pertaining to its employees in Egypt, in particular, the legal frameworks for amending employment agreements, appointing temporary employees and outsourcing employees from third parties.
  • Advising various clients on numerous aspects of labour and social insurance laws & regulations.
  • Advising, drafting and negotiating employment contracts and the termination thereof.

Dispute Resolution: 

  • Drafting and preparing legal memoranda for a major Swiss pharmaceutical client with regard to legal disputes concerning the protection of the intellectual property rights under the Egyptian Law of its imported pharmaceuticals in Egypt.
  • Assisting in several arbitration cases, civil, commercial and labour litigation disputes by conducting legal research, reviewing documents, and drafting various legal memoranda.


  • Benchmarking Public Procurement 2015”: a World Bank Publication, it focuses on measuring transaction costs imposed by procurement regulations and practices worldwide. It is modeled after the World Bank Group’s Doing Business initiative, which measures the ease of doing business in 189 countries and has fostered over 2000 business regulatory reforms worldwide to date. (World Bank Group, 2015).
  • “A Comparative Analysis on the role of Court Experts in light of the Egyptian Law, the French Law and the Kuwaiti Law” (Cairo University, 2014)
  • “Non- Existing Judgments in Theory and Application under the Egyptian legal system” (Cairo University, 2013)